Book Recommendations

The below list is one chock full of books that have rocked my world. In one way or another, these reads have heavily contributed to the person I am today. I highly recommend taking a look yourself.

Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell

Summary: Leadership is influence. No matter what level you’re at, you are leading someone. Learn to lead well and move up the levels of leadership.

Why It Defined Me: This book developed the base understanding of leadership I have, not to mention ignited a fire in me to learn as much as I can about it.

Boundaries by Cloud & Townsend

Summary: Boundaries signify where you end and another person begins. Learn your boundaries and hold them to be able to live the fullest life you are able while continuing to love those around you.

Why It Defined Me: Having struggled with passivity most of my life, this book gave me tools to help me take my life back, grow healthy relationships, and begin to thrive as a person.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

Summary: Life is a story. Learn to live it out well.

Why It Defined Me: This book woke up a fearlessness in me to try new things, love the people around me, and not relent in the pursuit of my dreams.

Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk

Summary: Love is the lifeblood of humanity. Do everything you can to remain connected within healthy boundaries.

Why It Defined Me: Much like Boundaries, Danny Silk’s book gave me even more tools to learn how to love others when others are not necessarily the most lovable.