A Free Agent

I’ve had a dream on my heart for a number of years, and it’s finally coming true. I’m becoming a free agent.

Yes, indeed it’s true. August 3rd is my last day working for my current employer, and I’m off to make it being self-employed! It is a bit of a crazy story, but I’ll do my best to share it.

I’ve had a long-standing passion for the web and its many facets and uses, starting in middle school playing online games against friends, all the way into computers, networking, and development, which I got my Bachelors in.

Upon graduation from college, I moved to Bemidji, MN at the height of the Great Recession, so jobs were lacking. Additionally, the tech scene in Bemidji wasn’t all that hopping at the time. It’s a pretty small, rural town, so it’s a little behind the cutting edge. Thankfully, I eventually found a job in IT, which led me to where I am today.

My wife and I have two kids — a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old. It’s been a blessing to have my wife on maternity leave for a long period, but that must end 😢. She had some training to complete, so we had to send our 5mo old to daycare. As a result, we lost our spot in daycare altogether (long story), which threw us for a loop.

Meanwhile, I had been doing some side work as a developer for a friend of mine. We had been messaging back and forth, and turns out he could bring me on to do long term contract development work for exactly what I needed! 🙌

So thus began the long venture of asking, re-asking, and asking again the big question — can we really make this work?

I spent probably a week in a large mindmap trying to vet out all the possibilities and questions I’d need answers to. Lo and behold, the answer was yes.

It couldn’t have been more perfect — the right opportunity at the right time, a person to backfill my position easily at my current job, and a dream in my heart about to be fulfilled.

I’m currently at Macstock, excited to introduce myself for the first time to new people as an entrepreneur.

If you’re now a free agent, or are going on the journey yourself like I am, hit me up. I’d be glad to hear from you.

In the words of Leeroy Jenkins (I’m dating myself here) — let’s do this!

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