A Year in Review: 2017

If I could describe 2017 in one word, it would be “transition.”

I changed jobs, moved churches, and found out my wife and I are having a second child.

It’s interesting as my one word for the year was “surrender.” I’ve had to do a lot of surrendering this year — my own plans, ambitions, ideas of how things would go. Everything’s changed and I’m okay with that.


  • Wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered, and released my first song - “Mirrors”
  • Improved my ability to confront people in healthier ways
  • Learned a lot about how to effectively manage people (thanks Manager Tools)
  • Iterated, iterated, and iterated again on my own ability to intentionally accomplish goals
  • Landed my first two side web development clients, and, subsequently, learned a lot about running a business

Things I Learned

I spent some time reviewing my journal this week. It’s not a practice I typically engage in, though I’ve heard it is helpful to do so. I noticed a few themes I learned over the year.

  1. Don’t engage the political battle in your workplace. Recognize it, but cut your own path by genuinely caring for people.
  2. Want to see change? Give and seek consistent, quality feedback with those around you.
  3. If you’re in a new position or environment, seek to understand it, then start building processes to improve and maintain your desired end result.
  4. Find out how you work best and do that, not just what other people say works for them.
  5. Investing in proper ergonomics is worth it, especially if you primarily work on a computer.
  6. Surround yourself with people “cut from the same cloth.” It’s essential to gaining forward momentum.
  7. Position your heart attitude for the day; it will determine the outcome of your day every time.
  8. Life is an iterative journey. Don’t think you have to have it all figured out on day one. Start and improve from there.
  9. As a parent and spouse, intentionality is critical. Intentional time, words, responses, often thought through ahead of time instead of just in the moment.
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