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Michael Ketterer - I Am Second

2018-09-05 — less than 1 minute read

I love this guy. He’s an amazing musician for one, and an incredible example of what it means to love at all costs.

Michael was on America’s Got Talent and received a golden buzzer to the live show.

Check him out!

Free Agent Journal - Week 4 - Break Yourself, Not Focus [Productivity Guild]

2018-08-30 — less than 1 minute read

Working from home or on your own can cause a lot of challenges to your focus. In this week’s Free Agent Journal, I discuss how I’m staying focus, (not) taking breaks, and wishing I had more time for hobbies.

If you’re a free agent, or wish you were one, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to join the discussion on the Guild or send me a message!

Free Agent Journal - Week 3 - Timeyness [Productivity Guild]

2018-08-28 — less than 1 minute read

A heavy consideration for the self-employed (of the trading dollars for hours sort, especially) is the effective use of your time. This weighs on me now having a young family. In this week’s Free Agent Journal, I explore the importance of using my time wisely.