Calendar as Servant, Not Master

Here is a tip to help this, which has helped me and lots of people I work with. It’s actually pretty simple: Create dedicated “Energy” times in every day of your work calendar. Energy times are those spaces in the day in which you need to have some wiggle room between meetings and phone calls, to do the things we never schedule but can make a huge difference in your attitude and productivity: catch up on a few (not all) emails, take a walk, grab power nap, talk to a friend about the weekend, reflect on how your day is going. It may be 15 minutes and it may be 60, depending.

You might run into this like I do: I often try to cram “productivity” into every minute of every day. Margin is a thing that gets put on the schedule for the end of the day, but I’m often too exhausted to do anything but sleep!

Until reading this article, I honestly never considered working margin into my schedule throughout my day. Adding workday margin now might become part of one of my upcoming goals.

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